Families life changing experience with therapy...

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Before starting therapy, he [client] would constantly erupt. I had to pick him up from school at least once a week because he couldn’t calm down…I was concerned he would be kicked out of school. His self-harm, threats to others, and violent behavior worried all of us. CPS was involved but it felt like we didn’t have a say in the help he received.

“Now he’s a different person. Everyone who spends time with him can see he is not the same kid as he was before.”

When [Orion therapist] started working with him, things started to change. She developed such a great rapport with him and was able to get through when no one else could. She got down to his level and the bond they created was amazing. In therapy, he learned to open up, self-regulate, acknowledge his past trauma, and realize he wanted to be better. That is a huge change for him and speaks wonders of her work. 

“It’s like she had a magic wand.”

She helped in so many ways. Her amazing advocacy got him the extra help he needed in school and now he is a different person...and I only had to pick him up once in the entire school year!   She made it possible to get him on the right medication regimen by connecting us with a psychiatrist and getting everyone on the same page. She helped our entire family get to know each other better, understand each other, and communicate on a new level. 

“Without her, we would have been lost…we miss her!”

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