New Collaboration Benefits All Involved

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New Collaboration Benefits All Involved

An exciting collaboration between two of Orion’s programs has developed!  Two times per year, therapists in Green County teach an Intensive Parenting Class for which requires child care for its participants.  In an effort to partner with another segment of Orion, conversations were held with the Adolescent Girls Group Home manager and staff.  It became clear that working together would both help develop new programming for the girls in the group home, as well as allow for child care coverage to occur for Parenting Class.  The adolescents have been in charge of planning and providing activities, snacks, and play time for the children ranging from infants to school aged. 

Marcia, the Group Home Director, says that the collaboration has, so far, proven to be a beneficial addition to the group home program.  The girls have provided very positive feedback from their experiences, and have taken the leadership very seriously.  “Watching these teenage girls work with the young kids in the program has been really impressive.  They surprise me with their creativity when working with so many different personalities, behaviors, and ages.  Another really cool thing is that they are practicing techniques that they will likely use one day as parents, and I don’t think they even realize that they are learning something”. 

Shaundra, one of the Orion residents participating in the program, has enjoyed utilizing the knowledge she learns from her Child Development class in the hands on care of the children on Tuesday nights.  One quote that she often refers to when working with the children is “if a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn”.  She has enjoyed leading the activities each week and loves to see what the kids create.  Another resident specifically has enjoyed caring for the babies, and takes great pride in rocking them to sleep or soothing them when they are crying.

The Orion staff are looking forward to continued collaboration together to expand the programming that could benefit both the Group Home and Parenting Class!


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