One Families Life Changing Experience with Therapy

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   "It would be a big mistake if others didn’t try therapy. The main reason, I think, why people don’t try it is because their trust in others has been broken so many times; they are afraid. I say, let your guard down. Just let it down for one minute, listen to what they [therapists] have to say. Look at them as human beings; they have feelings just like you...they are there to help you"

In the Beginning

Markus and Jan, grandparents of 12 year old, Ryan, were extremely leery of the therapy process when they started with Orion…their walls were up high. They were struggling to handle their grandson who at the time, was running away from home and school and acting violent to the point of harming others. “We just got custody of Ryan and felt like a failure, staying awake at night asking what we were doing wrong...the last thing we wanted was to let therapists into our home…we were afraid we would lose Ryan forever”. Markus would even leave out the back door when he knew they (therapists) were coming. “I didn’t want any part of it."

Fast Forward

…to a couple months with Orion and Markus literally speeds home from work to make it in time for therapy. He even participates in role plays with the therapists. “By practicing difficult situations ahead of time [with our therapists], we learned new skills to deal with Ryan’s behaviors…we realized he was acting out of hurt, not anger. We can even calm ourselves down now in the process…we stop and re-evaluate the situation before taking it personally. Markus and I are now a team."

What Changed?

“Once we opened our eyes and got past the fear of thinking they were going to judge us, everything changed. I realized they weren’t going to stab us in the back, I could trust them. The therapists helped us with everything…explained things in a way we can understand…I just got it! They didn’t share our business with anyone else…they made me feel relaxed so I could let my true feelings out. They are real genuine people”!

“For anyone who wonders if they should try therapy with Orion…call me, I’ll tell you why”! -Markus




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