Mental Health Services

In-Home Therapy

In-home therapy can prevent children from being placed outside the home while also strengthening family relationships. By bringing the services to the clients, there is a greater chance everyone will participate.

Outpatient Therapy

In both Madison, Monroe and Janesville we provide confidential counseling and therapy services to children, youth and adults. A wide range of issues are addressed including trauma, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, family conflicts, and marital discord.

Parent Programs

The demands presented by children with problems of alcohol and drug use, delinquent behavior, or school-related behaviors often become too overwhelming for parents to address on their own. Parents may lack the breadth of skills necessary to deal with the intensity and nature of their children's behavior.

  • Parent Skill Builder
    Developed in 2007, the Parent Skill Building (PSB) program is designed to assist families as they work to increase and improve their parenting skills.


Comprehensive Community Services-CCS

CCS is a client driven, comprehensive, voluntary program designed to support people as they address mental health and/or substance use conditions. The CCS program offers a wide array of psychosocial rehabilitation services, including Service Facilitation, Individual Skill Development and Enhancement, Individual and Family Psychoeducation and Psychotherapy. These are services and supportive activities that assist CCS clients to achieve their highest possible level of independent functioning, stability, independence and to facilitate recovery. To make a referral contact Jennifer Hawley at


Community Services

Independent Living Skills for Adolescents

This service is intended for kids 16 years of age or older. The Orion worker meets with the client once or more a week to work on the skills needed for living independently. This can include budgeting, grocery shopping, bill payment, and job interviews. The tasks worked on are dependent on the client and where is their greatest need.

Positive Accountability, Supervision and Support-PASS

PASS services are intended for at risk youth who are generally involved in the juvenile justice system. The Orion staff guides the client in following rules placed by parents or the courts, as well as fulfilling any requirements requested by the county. The Orion staff hold the client accountable, offer recommendations on how to meet court/family guidelines, and offer support in reaching any goals.

Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitations are offered to non-custodial parents to ensure a positive and safe visit with their children. This supervision can take place in the home, community or in a facility. The Orion staff then document the family interaction, and are available to take action to ensure the safety of all family members.

In Home Safety Services-IHSS

A County agency contracts with Orion to provide in home services to families at risk of child abuse or neglect. The service is designed to fit wherever the family needs are - random drug tests to ensure sobriety, evening supervision, transportation to treatment, home management and basic parenting assistance..


This service is meant as a break for the parents. The Orion staff will spend 2 or more hours with a child in the home or in the community, giving parents time to address other things.


This service is for children with long term needs. The Orion staff person will meet with the child weekly and work on goals identified by the child and family. These goals are generally skills that the child will need to be a successful adult.

Daily Living Skills

This service is similar to independent living skills. The Orion staff will meet with a client weekly to work on skills the child needs for day to day life.