Community Programs

PASS (Positive Accountability, Supervision and Support)

Our intention is to engage the youth in constructive and respectful relationships. We hope that the participant and their family will be open to the possible benefits of the program, and that they may need to consider making changes in their lives.

Independent Living Skills for Adolescents

The Independent Living Skills program provided by Orion Family Services is designed to teach and enhance a variety of living skills. The ultimate goal is to help an adolescent become self-sufficient. The program emphasizes interdependence, the ability to live harmoniously with others. Interdependence is a higher skill because it requires cooperation, compromise, assertiveness, confrontations, negotiations, and sharing.

Supervised Visitation Program

Orion Family Services provides supervised visitations for non-custodial parents and their children.  The purpose of the visit is for the family to have a safe and positive interaction, with observation and monitoring done by an unbiased third party.  Depending on any court orders or involvement of child protective services, the visits can occur within the home or in the community.  All Orion workers have been provided training by the Supervised Visitation Network.  

If you have an interest in using Orion Family Services to supervise a family interaction, please contact the Community Services Supervisor Samantha Clevenger at (608) 225 – 2108. You can also reach her at


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