PASS (Positive Accountability, Supervision and Support)

Orion's Positive Accountability, Supervision and Support (PASS) program was created for those who are ordered to receive services by the court or county human services. Our intention is to engage the youth in constructive and respectful relationships. We hope that the participant and their family will be open to the possible benefits of the program, and that they may need to consider making changes in their lives.


The issue of supervision is taken very seriously. Participants are expected to be accountable for efforts aimed at addressing difficult issues, and to become involved in constructive activities and make choices that reflect a desire to maintain positive relationships with others and stay out of trouble. Plans that identify key rules and activities that will help provide a framework for making progress will be developed with participants. The role of the staff member is a combination of police officer, advisor and helper. Like a police officer, staff will hold participants accountable for doing the right thing. As an advisor, staff provides recommendations of things to do and ways to go about doing them. Finally, staff will act as a helper by assisting in any way feasible to ensure that participants succeed.


Orion staff work closely with County Human Services staff to establish the overall plan of supervision; however, information provided will remain confidential unless it has direct bearing on the need for supervision or relates to a situation that may result in harm to the participant or another person. If a staff member believes personal information disclosed to them should be brought to the attention of County staff, the issue will be discussed with the participant first.

Completion of Program

Goals and expectations are reviewed frequently with participants. Upon completion of the program, participants should be able to identify strategies that will allow them to continue working towards self-improvement. Another goal of the program is for participants to be able to go about their business without outside supervision.

For more information contact Samantha Clevenger at or 608-225-2108.