Foster Care

Treatment foster care is an offshoot of traditional foster care that focuses on troubled youth and adolescents. Foster homes, which accommodate up to four children, have always had sets of rules and behavioral expectations for the young people who reside there. Those who serve as treatment foster parents receive additional training and support from Orion to work with children in their care.

Children in foster care continue to attend public school, enabling Orion staff to begin working with school staff immediately. When a child is able to remain in or near his or her own community, parents and other family members are more easily included in the treatment plan.

If someone is interested in becoming a licensed treatment foster parent, Orion will conduct a licensing study and after a period of training, begin overseeing the placement of children in the foster home.

To become a foster parent or refer a child for foster care contact Hugh Meyers at (608) 270-2511 ext. 18 or