In-Home Family Therapy

The Orion Intensive In-Home Family Therapy Program is designed for treatment of children and adolescents experiencing severe emotional, behavioral, and social difficulties within their home, school or community. Including families in treatment when working with children and adolescents is an approach that improves individual and family functioning. Although the identified client is the child or adolescent, the program’s focus includes treatment that supports the family in resolving their difficulties. The philosophy of the program is that everyone in the family is responsible, but no one is to blame.

Treatment emphasis is placed upon enhancing family strengths and supporting positive changes in the family system, in order to improve the overall functioning of the child. Therapists work with families to increase family cohesion and effective communication, and to create a supportive family environment where negative behaviors are reduced and positive behaviors increased. Parenting skills education is incorporated in treatment in either a formal curriculum-based approach (through our Parent Skill-Builder Program) or informally as needed. While in-home therapy is most frequently used to strengthen family relationships in order to prevent placement outside of the home, Orion’s in-home therapists are increasingly used to facilitate successful reunification in families where a child will be returning from an out-of-home placement.

For families impacted by trauma, we help healing occur through the use of trauma-informed treatment approaches such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). Orion has clinicians that have obtained advanced training in the utilization of this evidence-based and highly effective model for resolving trauma and reducing resultant emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal issues.

Our broad service area includes Dane, Rock, Green, Lafayette, Iowa, Grant, Sauk, Columbia, Jefferson, Dodge and Richland counties. The length of treatment can range from 3-12 months depending on the need and intensity of treatment provided. Orion’s in-home therapy teams are typically comprised of two therapists; one master’s level therapist and one licensed therapist.

If interested in more information or to make referrals please contact our Intake Specialist for In-Home Therapy:

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